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COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is an introductory study of the beauty and design of God’s glorious creation which was made for His own pleasure and is continually upheld and preserved by His almighty and faithful hand. Throughout this course students will use various methods of observation, research, analysis and experimentation to develop and test their own predictions and to increase in understanding scientific laws, processes, facts, and theories. Some of the major topics included in this course relate to the classification and organization of living things; the solar system and beyond; the earth’s changing surface; interactions of matter and energy; electricity and magnetism; and motion. The goal of this course is not only to prepare students for success in higher science courses, but also to develop or increase their appreciation for all things made and governed by the laws of the eternal God of heaven. Ultimately, this course purposes to direct each student’s heart to praise and adore his/her Creator for His wonderful acts of creation and redemption.


COURSE LAYOUT: This course is divided into three major disciplines of science: Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. These disciplines are organized into six units which are then subdivided into a total of thirteen chapters. The Lord willing, an average of three chapters will be covered each quarter of the school year.


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UNIT A: Life Science: Organisms and Environments

Chapter 1: The Kingdoms of Life

Lesson 1: Classifying Living Things - study guide

Lesson 2: The Plant Kingdom - study guide

Lesson 3: The Animal Kingdom: Invertebrates - study guide

Lesson 4: The Animal Kingdom: Vertebrates - study guide

Chapter 2: Ecosystems

Lesson 5: Comparing Earth's Biomes - study guide

Lesson 6: Ecosystems and Interactions - study guide


UNIT B: Life Science: Organization of Living Things

Chapter 3: From Cells to Organisms

Lesson 1: Structure of Living Things - study guide

Lesson 2: Parts of a Cell - study guide

Lesson 3: Movement and Nutrition in Cells - study guide

Lesson 4: Reproduction and Growth - study guide

Chapter 4: Inheriting Traits

Lesson 5: The History or Genetics - study guide

Lesson 6: How DNA Controls Traits - study guide

Lesson 7: Genetics in Our Lives - study guide

Lesson 8: Using Genetics - study guide


UNIT C: Earth Science: Observing the Sky

Chapter 5: The Earth-Moon System

Lesson 1: The Tools of Astronomers - study guide

Lesson 2: Earth and the Sun - study guide

Lesson 3: The Moon in Motion - study guide

Chapter 6: The Solar System and Beyond

Lesson 4: The Inner Solar System - study guide

Lesson 5: The Outer Solar System - study guide

Lesson 6: Stars - study guide


UNIT D: Earth Science: The Restless Earth

Chapter 7: Earth’s Moving Crust

Lesson 1: Moving Plates - study guide

Lesson 2: Earthquakes - study guide

Lesson 3: Volcanoes - study guide

Chapter 8: Earth's Changing Surface

Lesson 4: Mountains and Soil - study guide

Lesson 5: Erosion and Deposition - study guide

Lesson 6: The Rock Cycle - study guide


UNIT E: Physical Science: Interactions of Matter and Energy

Chapter 9: Properties and Changes of Matter

Lesson 1: Physical Properties of Matter - study guide

Lesson 2: Elements and Atoms - study guide

Lesson 3: Chemical Changes - study guide

Chapter 10: Heat Energy

Lesson 4: Temperature and Heat - study guide

Lesson 5: How Heat Affects Matter - study guide

Lesson 6: Sources of Energy - study guide

Chapter 11: Electricity and Magnetism

Lesson 7: Static Electricity - study guide

Lesson 8: Circuits - study guide

Lesson 9: Electromagnets - study guide

Lesson 10: Using Electricity - study guide


UNIT F: Physical Science: Motion, Work and Machines

Chapter 12: Objects in Motion

Lesson 1: Speed and Distance - study guide

Lesson 2: Forces and Motion - study guide

Lesson 3: Acceleration and Momentum - study guide

Chapter 13: Work and Machines

Lesson 4: Energy and Work - study guide

Lesson 5: How Levers Work - study guide

Lesson 6: How Inclined Planes Work - study guide


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Project Resources:

Leaf Collection Instructions (Biology)

Tree Leaf Dichotomus Key (Biology)

Photosynthesis Article (Biology)

Punnet Squares - Eye Color (Biology)

Punnet Squares - Height (Biology)

Rock Collection Instructions (Geology)

Solar System PowerPoint Requirements (Astronomy)

Balancing Chemical Equations (Chemistry)

Burning Calories (Chemistry)

Rube Goldberg Project Instructions (Physical Science) pdf

Pulley Systems (Physical Science) pdf



Test Study Guides:

Chapter 1 - Test Study Guide

Chapter 2 - Test Study Guide

Chapter 3 - Test Study Guide

Chapter 4 - Test Study Guide (key)

Chapter 5 & 6 - Test Study Guide (key)

Chapter 7 - Test Study Guide (key)

Chapter 9 - Test Study Guide (key) pdf

Chapter 10 - Test Study Guide (key) pdf

Chapter 11 - Test Study Guide (key) pdf

Chapter 10 & 11 - Combined Test Study Guide (key) pdf

Chapter 12 & 13 - Test Study Guide (key)