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COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is an introductory study in world history covering major world events and cultures from first century A.D. up until the present. Throughout this course students will be able to trace God’s providential hand directing the rise and fall of civilizations and empires to bring about His sovereign purposes. During this course students will be privileged to see how all history is predetermined, ordered and directed by God for the establishment of His gracious kingdom, for the preservation of His Word through successive generations, and for the ingathering of His elect church from every tribe, people, and nation. In addition to the historical and geographical knowledge base that students will gather from this course, they will also be incited to becoming conscientious and reflective citizens who critically evaluate their actions, effectively communicate ideas, make informed decisions, and demonstrate the values of purity, justice, honesty, love, and godliness.


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Chapter Test Study Guides and Assignments

Chapter 1: Turning Points - Study Guide (key) pdf

Chapter 2: Rise of Islam - Study Guide (key) pdf

Chapter 5: Middle Ages - Timeline Assignment pdf

Chapter 6: Renaissance and Reformation - Study Guide (key) pdf

Chapter 7: Exploration - Study Guide (key) pdf

Chapter 8: Colonization - Study Guide (key) pdf

Chapter 12: French Revolution - Study Guide (key) pdf

Chapter 13: Industrial Revolution - Study Guide (key) pdf

Chapter 17: World War I - Study Guide (key) pdf

Chapter 18: World War II - Study Guide (key) pdf

Chapter 19: Cold War - Study Guide (key) pdf